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Awaited day - 21st January 2014

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He speaks

And so I am getting married!!!
Yes, its true that the very thought of marriage always irritated me..
Yes, I did believe that my life completes with my "Yarron ki Toli", my "weekened nightouts", and ofcourse my "business".
When it came to think about how my
"Perfect Girl" would be i was always lost in the clouds...
But the fog lifted when I met you..SNEHA
Desparetly looking forward to the new life..


She Speaks

I always doubted if somebody could pamper me as much as my DAD!!!
I always thought if there can be a reason at all to be happy when i am not near my family which means the world to me...
Never thought somebody could be so special..
The gentle pressure of the clasp of somebody's hand and the warmth of a personal touch could make me get lost in a different world.
A new life and family awaits me.
Hope i live up to everybody's expectations.

Ashish and Sneha

They Speak

To begin with, We both are poles apart! Guess thats why the saying goes....”Opposites Attract”.
Every second spent together seems like an eternity full of smiles, happiness and love.
We can't even imagine how heavenly and blissful it would be to spend our whole life together.
Something wounderful happened to us when we met
and eversince we've been crazy...
Wish to have a great life ahead.

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